Wednesday, 2 April 2014

Boy's Easter Bonnet

I haven't blogged for a long long time, and I'm only posting this so I can add it to Pinterest to inspire other mums who are looking for Easter Bonnet ideas across the globe.

How to make!
- Bunch of carrots with leaves
- one child's straw hat
- brown crepe paper
- large piece of card
- green paper
- sellotape
-little chicks
- Pipe cleaners

1. Draw a circle round the hat onto the green paper.
2. Cut two circles a bit larger than the circle you drew (so you can make grass). Also cut a hole in the middle of each circle so you can put the green circle over your straw hat and under your straw hat.
3. Cut grass around the edge of your green circles and fold up.
4. Stick the two green circles to the hat with sellotape folded over so the sellotape is double-sided.
5. Cut your carrots quite short. Use little cross-head screws through the hat to hold the carrots in place! I know, desparate measures when glue just doesn't cut it.
6. Stick eyes on carrots using sticky dots. (alien carrots!!)
7. Wind the little chicks onto the pipe cleaners
8. Place pipe cleaners into the carrot leaves
9. Place card around main part of hat into a cone shape, cut around bottom so cone sits vertically. Stick it together with tape.
10. Cover your tree trunk with brown crepe paper and stick.
11. Stick your foliage down through the hole in the top of the trunk.
12. Ta da!!!

It's best to do the foliage and carrots on the morning you do the school run, because otherwise the carrots go soft and the foliage wilts! I made the hat way too tall and he could hardly wear it, so had to lop a bit off the top of the tree to make it more wearable.

Saturday, 12 January 2013

Ceramics exploration

I've started a ceramics course at Maze studios and am excited about the possibilities of what I can explore on the course. There are a couple of things I'm interested in - decals, painting with slip, working with porcelain and building moulds. We did painting with slip on my first evening there, which was great. So much to do and so little time before baby comes! Everyone there was really friendly, and the tutors were helpful in sharing tips and techniques. I think I'm going to love every minute of being in that studio!
The picture on the left shows how to paint with thick slip to make sea urchins - I'd love to try this out.

Start of the hyperbolic crochet reef

The growing of a hyperbolic crochet reef has started at Paper Village - for those who are not sure quite what that is, here's a picture example of one created somewhere else in the world. I like this reef, especially the green and blue crocheted thingy on the wall. Vicky at Paper Village has organised crochet get-togethers and classes for crocheting a reef which will be displayed as part of the Southville Arts Trail. It was great spending a Saturday afternoon in the shop, crocheting and chatting with other ladies.

If you happen to read this post and live in Bristol and crochet, please come along to the next crochet jam. All the dates are on the Paper Village website.

Wednesday, 2 January 2013

Ceramic pen decorated cup

I've been decorating this cup in my head for a long time so I thought it was about time to  actually really decorate it in real life rather than just in my head!

Porcelain pens are great to work with and open up a world of possibility, but as usual I find myself drawing dots, my favourite.

Wednesday, 28 November 2012

Scope Make a Wish star

While we were in Wales, Ellis and I made a star for the Make a Wish Scope campaign
A starThe Government is making new laws in England that could guarantee families with disabled children better support – if they hear that we care. The Scope camapaign has given us the opportunity to send home made stars to Parliament to be hung on their Christmas tree, so they can find out our views about the need for parental support.
Ellis loved putting jewels on his Christmas star.

Thursday, 22 November 2012

Houses vase

 Here's the last of the houses I made on the ceramics course back in the Summer. Unfortunately, the glaze was quite thick so the details of the windows and doors has been lots a bit. But still makes an unusual vase.

Wednesday, 21 November 2012

Washing liquid spaceship

    One empty washing liquid carton sprayed white

    Three toilet rolls stuck together and shaped to make seats

    Decorated with stickers and glue

    Tadaa! - one completed spaceship for the happy Playmobil people.

    Thank you hubby, carboot treasure x

    Can you believe that Errol bought this gorgeous set of kitchenware from the Bristol carboot sale for £2! It was a cold day that day - the usual vintage bargain hunters must have been put off by the bad weather, as these were still here waiting to be bought an hour after the boot sale started.

    Seriously, how could people walk past these beautiful ceramics?!

    Block family and friends

     Here's a new toy that I made for Ellis after a conversation I had with Rachel... she got the idea from Pinterest. You basically print of images of family and friends and attach them to blocks so your child can do imaginitive play with them. So far, Ellis has attempted to take his grampa to school in his school bag, and he's had various conversations with nana and great nana, and tried to chop his friend's head off with a scissors... but daddy fixed him again.

    Here's Ellis demonstrating how you can put soldiers in prison and use mummy, Ellis and grandad as prison guards!

    Pretend fish tank

    It's been ages since I wrote last. First thing, I got pregnant, then I lost all power of concentration on anything crafty. My whole focus seemed to change to cleaning cupboards and drawers! So when I haven't been feeling nauseous or focused on nesting, I have done just one or two creative things. Here's one of them. A fish tank made from a gift box!

    Here is Ellis demonstrating how you can lift the fish up and down inside the tank. They're printed both sides and laminated. He loves Nemo, Bruce and Dory.

    Thursday, 9 August 2012

    Pirate Birthday cake

    It was Ellis's 3rd Birthday recently and so I conjured up a pirate birthday cake which he absolutely loved!

    It was a victoria sponge covered in white icing, with a chocolate matchsticks treasure chest and great pirate birthday candles.

    I'm not blogging much at the mo, too much going on over the Summer. My 40th birthday coming up and more gigs with the Moonflowers. I hope to get my blogging bug back in the Autumn when Ellis finally starts at preschool. :-)

    Wednesday, 4 July 2012

    Bristol Independents Day

    We spent the morning and afternoon on North Street supporting Bristol Independenents Day, and taking photos to enter the competition. Thankfully, Ellis enjoys smiling at the camera!

    It's a great idea - basically, you keep your receipts or take photos of you shopping at independent store, then send it in and hope to win a prize. It really encouraged me to buy more on North Street, and the great thing is I've got some merguez sausages from Rare to try out. YUM!

    I bought some fimo clay and an empty bezel resin ring from Vicky at Paper Village so got more supplies to get on with my projects. Am going to make some coloured Bristol terraced houses to go in my new clay dioramas.

    Saturday, 23 June 2012

    North Street treasure

    Here's my latest vintage finds, I recently discovered the joy of vintage pyrex on Pinterest after researching pattern ideas so was really happy discover some at Rachel's second hand shop on North Street. I would so love to work there (except it probably wouldn 't be a good idea as I'd spend all my wages there!).

    Lovely 1950s sugar dispensers

    Austrian saucepans!

    Snowflake pyrex serving dish

    Friday, 22 June 2012

    Another ceramic house

    Here at last is a little ceramic house vase that I made at Pot Stop in Bristol. It isn't finished yet as I want to bake some flowers on it using ceramic paper, but I like it just plain too. It's a take on the Bristol terraced houses that I love - I made a similar one but bigger when I did a course there years ago. I'm currently working on a three terraced houses in a row vase. I though this vase could also be used for growing cress. :-)

    Saturday, 2 June 2012

    Southville rope swinging

    What a joy it must be to be two and a half and swinging up high into the sky on a swingy rope, embracing all the confidence and bravery of being little but big and strong.