Wednesday, 12 August 2015

Day 27 - summer hols (thank goodness for water balloons!)

Today was a good day! The plan was to take the boys to oldbury court park but we ended up having a happy day at home instead. Ellis watched a Tom and Jerry pirate movie in the morning and then decided he wanted to be a pirate, so they both dressed up and I filmed them both in their very own pirate movie, with four parts including the swing and the lounge as locations.

They loved it, well, Ivor was a bit bemused but loved watching it all back on the iPad.

Then they instigated their own water balloon play which involved a lot of soaking each other. All in good fun though, Ellis was very kind, a great time for the boys to bond playing together (and soaking each other!).

Then we had a picnic lunch in the back garden as I had already prepared a packed lunch to take to the park. After lunch Ellis watched two Sarah Jane adventures while Ivor and I looked at books. Then upstairs together to play while I put clothes away, then I got out the mega blocks to see if Ivor would be able to play with them, with Ellis. Ellis enjoyed it and Ivor did, but he's still a bit young to want to build stuff. So back it went in the loft. It was as good upstairs play though.

Afternoon movie, Ellis watched home alone 2. They both had sweets and hung out, then me and Ivor played diggers in the garden while Ellis carried on watching. After the movie, the boys did more water play in the garden and then we had risotto rice and chicken. Ellis didn't really like the rice unfortunately. We played hoopla together as a team, then found some caterpillars, then it was bedtime.

So all in all a good day. I put to bed my wish to meet up with people and instead just surrendered to being at home. I decided to look at it from the point of view of it being a day for Ellis and Ivor to spend time bonding with each other as brothers. The movie helped, and Ellis getting Ivor South of the tree helped too. He'd got his head stuck between some branches!

Tuesday, 11 August 2015

Day 26 - Summer hols (park)

Today was not our best day! Today was one of those days I wished someone would call me up and invite me over, but no one ever does. I invite play dates, I host people. But i just get the feeling sometimes the favour doesn't get returned, and then I just feel flat. I wanted it to be a good day for Ellis and Ivor. I did try, but it was with a heaviness today that I sometimes carry around when I wish Ellis had a play friend who really matched his zaniness and imagination. We went to poundland and bought water pistols, then I set up a water gun fight with Ellis and Ivor against me. They enjoyed that! We made gingerbread biscuits then went to the park to meet up with fran and boys. Thank goodness for Fran! Unfortunately, Ravi didn't want to play guns with Ellis, he wanted to play tag with his older brothers and their friend. So Ellis was left with no one to play with. We tried asking Ravi but you can't make a kid play! Ellis was disappointed and so was I. So we went home. 

After feeling low for a while and letting Ellis watch Sarah Jane adventures while I read to Ivor, I picked myself up and made the best of the the rest of the day. We played water gun fights, threw water balloons, put the water slide on and filled the paddling pool. The kids enjoyed the afternoon. 

Errol came home and did more water balloons and water gun fights which was great too. I love my husband. He knows when I've had a hard day. The thing that makes me happiest is seeing Ellis play in full flow. I didn't achieve that today but at least Ellis and Ivor bonded over the water play. That was an achievement. 

Monday, 10 August 2015

Day 25 - Summer hols (@ Bristol)

Good day for the boys! After starting the day wondering what on earth I was going to do with the kids all day, thank goodness fran got in touch. She really saved me! Ellis went for play with Ravi so I managed to get shopping done, a bit of work and read the gas and electricity meter. Whooo get me! Ivor and I picked up Ellis and brought Ravi back with us. Then I took us all to @ Bristol with a packed lunch and met Fran the kids there. Lunch together in the picnic area then off to explore. I lost fran for ages, but made sure I kept my eye on Ellis and Ivor. They played, ran around etc etc. it was exhausting, and very buSt and hot. But they enjoyed it! Caught up with Fran. They watched a weather show, and then we made our ways home. Ravi came for dinner. The boys played well which was nice to see. Ivor watched some telly because he kept throwing stuff at Ellis and Ravi.

Today was totally exhausting. Am very glad to have at last had a bath and some time to myself.

Day 24 - Summer Hols (cinema visit)

Errol and Ellis went to see the movie 'inside out' while Ivor and I wandered around the shops. Ivor was ok for a while then protested about any clothes shop I tried to venture into, so I gave up and we did our best to enjoy the mall while waiting for the movie to finish!

We visited Blaise castle park after the movie as its on the way home. Ivor did brilliantly with his climbing skills. Ellis had a bad leg but managed to climb on everything! They still spent most time on the swings, their favourite thing. Both Errol and I feeling tired today. I was glad to get home, felt cold and tired in the park. Anyway, at least the kids had a good run around. Home for late lunch. Errol cooked Sunday dinner while I researched instant pot recipes, Ellis was on the kindle and Ivor was asleep.

Lots of crying from Ivor when he woke up, he hates waking up from naps these days! Lovel Sunday dinner. Errol ate too much as usual!

Saturday, 8 August 2015

Day 23 - Summer Hols (Saturday, a lovely day, Pizza Express in the sun)

Yay, a great day had by all! We caught the boat from The Cottage into town. The kids got into their swimming costumes and played in the water, first the steps, then the fountains and then finally by At Bristol. Very hot day. They played until they were hungry then we went for lunch at Pizza Hut with our Sainsbury vouchers. What a treat! Then we caught the boat home, had cake in the garden and Ellis watched Sarah Jane Adventures while Ivor slept. We had a bit of time out. Then pimms snacky dinner for the kids followed by a bit of balloon spotting in the front garden for the Balloon Fiesta. Errol is now snoring on the sofa!

Day 22 - Summer Hols (playdate with Ivor)

We met Cara and Ivor and Nora down the park so Ellis could have a play with his friend from school. It was already hot in the morning, lovely weather. Ivor enjoyed a kick around with the football, swinging around on the big boy swing down the other end of the park. We were there for two hours, left at midday! So a morning of activity followed by an afternoon of a whole lot of not much. I felt a bit washed out and ended up flaking out on the sofa as Errol came home at lunch time. Ellis watched Home Alone on the telly as he was tired as well from yesterday's drive as well as a morning in the sun. Ivor lay down with me for a bit, ate for a bit, generally milled around. He was tired too. We tried going to the library but it was closed. I eventually went at 4pm and got some new books for Ellis and Ivor, then to Aldi to get some salad. I have to shop when I can as Ellis hates going to the supermarket!

Day 21 - Summer Hols (Nana's funeral)

We drove to the seafront and examined pebbles, collected pebbles, threw pebbles, then visited the RNLI shop. Ellis got some rock, so Ivor had to have some rock. Then it was time to drive to the funeral. Difficult time, Ady read an amazing eulogy written by Dad. Errol took the kids to the park while I was there. We all got together afterwards in the Twelve Knights which was lovely. Great to speak to family, especially Chloe and Mark. Ellis was initially shy with family, but then after a lemonade he got into his stride and ended up using his shark toy to annoy everyone. Ivor ate and ate and ate and ate some more. We stopped off at the services on the way home for Burger King, the easiest food on the go for kids unfortunately.

Wednesday, 5 August 2015

Day 20 - Summer hols (surviving Sooty!)

We did it - we made it through Brean Leisure Park and back out again. What a place! Thank goodness the kids liked it, so it was worth it! :-) Ellis and Ivor finally met Sweep, then Sooty and Richard. And after the long wait, yes it was worth it. Richard Cadell was really nice. Ellis and Ivor gave him some pictures they had drawn, and he took the time to look at them. Which was considerate of him considering the long queue of people all waiting for their meet and greet!

Hilarious photo of Richard doing his best pose while Ellis tries to persuade a very reluctant Ivor to join in the photo shoot!! Here's the final shot:

I know that Brean Leisure Park is a soulless place, and there were moments, many of them, where I thought, what on earth am I doing here. But the kids are going through a Sooty phase, and they did enjoy meeting the characters. So to sum up the day in one sentence....never again, but I'm glad we did it.

Tuesday, 4 August 2015

Day 19 - summer hols (Visits from Sarah, Alys, Sally)

Ellis never wants to go out, so today I honoured that request and we stayed in all day. I find it difficult to stay in, not so much when it's hot and we are out in the garden, but on days when it's a bit more overcast and we are all rattling around inside. Ellis seems to love it though! I said we could stay in as long as we didn't watch telly, so we started the day off like that. Kids played... There's a constant tussle over toys, when Ellis picks up anything Ivor immediately wants it, cue arguments, crying etc etc. it's hard work having them at home together all day. I'm balancing the apple cart all day long! I can't think of one particular thing they did consistently all day long. I keep the mantra in my head going, let them be bored, let them be bored, in the hope that they will make their own play..sometimes it works but sometimes it doesn't, as Ivor ends up annoying Ellis or Ellis ends up annoying Ivor. Nice play in the front garden in the afternoon. Bubbles, kicking the ball, Ivor riding around on his little red car. TV ended up going on at 4 o'clock for a bit but then off again.

Sarah came to visit with Alys late morning, and Sally came to visit in the afternoon. It was nice to have visitors, helped break up the day.

Monday, 3 August 2015

Day 18 - Summer hols (Portishead swim & park)

We trundled off to Portishead for another swim visit together. Ellis didn't want to go initially, he just wants to stay at home full stop! But that would drive me insane... Anyway, when we were on our way he had changed his mind and wanted to go. By the end, Ellis didn't want to leave the pool and Ivor kept asking for food and towel! Ellis makes friends very easily, he played with two different boys and had loads of fun on the slides. Ivor loved the slides too. We were there for around two hours so a very long play. I managed to keep Ivor going with ginger biscuits hidden in the locker. After swimming we went to the park. Ellis made friends again and played zomie destruction with them and some of his birthday toys. Ivor and I hung out together while he played. We all had ice lollies then back home. Ivor fell asleep on the way home, so while Ellis watched Sarah Jane adventures and Ivor slept, I manged to do a little bit of work. Then cooked coca cola chicken for dinner. And manged to squeeze in cooking a quick veg and quorn stir fry for Errol. It's pretty much non stop all day. I did get some stuff to the charity shop though so got some more decluttering done.

I keep feeling like I should be making the summer holiday have some kind of long lasting amazing memories for my kids, full of freedom, play, etc etc. I don't know if I'm really achieving that. At least, not in the way I wish it could be. Like it was when I was growing up. But then, seriously, what was I doing when I was six?! I feel reassured by a survey I read recently that says children list playing in parks and in their garden as their favourite things to do in the summer. We are doing a lot of that!

Before dinner, Ellis and Ivor hung out in the garden, playing with water pistols and swinging on their nest swing.

Sunday, 2 August 2015

Day 16 - summers obols,(Mansi family bbq)


day 15 - summer hols, water slide

Water slide day. Making gingerbread men, chicken in coca cola and tomatoes for dinner. No water slide photos as I don't publish naked photos! 

Day 14 - summer holiday, play date with sam

Sam came to visit,

Day 13 - summer hols (relaxing at home)

Errol back at work. Day at home relaxing after our hols. Ellis shared his chocolates from Orlando and India, so I said I'd buy him a bag of eclairs as he was so good at sharing. So we went to sainsbury to buy them. Watched a movie in the afternoon.

Day 12 - summer hols (legoland day 2)

Another great day had by all! Much more relaxing on day two. Ellis and I went on the water ride which was fun. Up in the balloon as well for all of us which Ivor loved. Watching the pirate show with icecreams. Ellis and Ivor both behaved so well on both days, not too much tiredness, lots of enthusiasm! Long drive home.