Monday, 3 August 2015

Day 18 - Summer hols (Portishead swim & park)

We trundled off to Portishead for another swim visit together. Ellis didn't want to go initially, he just wants to stay at home full stop! But that would drive me insane... Anyway, when we were on our way he had changed his mind and wanted to go. By the end, Ellis didn't want to leave the pool and Ivor kept asking for food and towel! Ellis makes friends very easily, he played with two different boys and had loads of fun on the slides. Ivor loved the slides too. We were there for around two hours so a very long play. I managed to keep Ivor going with ginger biscuits hidden in the locker. After swimming we went to the park. Ellis made friends again and played zomie destruction with them and some of his birthday toys. Ivor and I hung out together while he played. We all had ice lollies then back home. Ivor fell asleep on the way home, so while Ellis watched Sarah Jane adventures and Ivor slept, I manged to do a little bit of work. Then cooked coca cola chicken for dinner. And manged to squeeze in cooking a quick veg and quorn stir fry for Errol. It's pretty much non stop all day. I did get some stuff to the charity shop though so got some more decluttering done.

I keep feeling like I should be making the summer holiday have some kind of long lasting amazing memories for my kids, full of freedom, play, etc etc. I don't know if I'm really achieving that. At least, not in the way I wish it could be. Like it was when I was growing up. But then, seriously, what was I doing when I was six?! I feel reassured by a survey I read recently that says children list playing in parks and in their garden as their favourite things to do in the summer. We are doing a lot of that!

Before dinner, Ellis and Ivor hung out in the garden, playing with water pistols and swinging on their nest swing.

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