Tuesday, 11 August 2015

Day 26 - Summer hols (park)

Today was not our best day! Today was one of those days I wished someone would call me up and invite me over, but no one ever does. I invite play dates, I host people. But i just get the feeling sometimes the favour doesn't get returned, and then I just feel flat. I wanted it to be a good day for Ellis and Ivor. I did try, but it was with a heaviness today that I sometimes carry around when I wish Ellis had a play friend who really matched his zaniness and imagination. We went to poundland and bought water pistols, then I set up a water gun fight with Ellis and Ivor against me. They enjoyed that! We made gingerbread biscuits then went to the park to meet up with fran and boys. Thank goodness for Fran! Unfortunately, Ravi didn't want to play guns with Ellis, he wanted to play tag with his older brothers and their friend. So Ellis was left with no one to play with. We tried asking Ravi but you can't make a kid play! Ellis was disappointed and so was I. So we went home. 

After feeling low for a while and letting Ellis watch Sarah Jane adventures while I read to Ivor, I picked myself up and made the best of the the rest of the day. We played water gun fights, threw water balloons, put the water slide on and filled the paddling pool. The kids enjoyed the afternoon. 

Errol came home and did more water balloons and water gun fights which was great too. I love my husband. He knows when I've had a hard day. The thing that makes me happiest is seeing Ellis play in full flow. I didn't achieve that today but at least Ellis and Ivor bonded over the water play. That was an achievement. 

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