Wednesday, 5 August 2015

Day 20 - Summer hols (surviving Sooty!)

We did it - we made it through Brean Leisure Park and back out again. What a place! Thank goodness the kids liked it, so it was worth it! :-) Ellis and Ivor finally met Sweep, then Sooty and Richard. And after the long wait, yes it was worth it. Richard Cadell was really nice. Ellis and Ivor gave him some pictures they had drawn, and he took the time to look at them. Which was considerate of him considering the long queue of people all waiting for their meet and greet!

Hilarious photo of Richard doing his best pose while Ellis tries to persuade a very reluctant Ivor to join in the photo shoot!! Here's the final shot:

I know that Brean Leisure Park is a soulless place, and there were moments, many of them, where I thought, what on earth am I doing here. But the kids are going through a Sooty phase, and they did enjoy meeting the characters. So to sum up the day in one sentence....never again, but I'm glad we did it.

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