Monday, 10 August 2015

Day 24 - Summer Hols (cinema visit)

Errol and Ellis went to see the movie 'inside out' while Ivor and I wandered around the shops. Ivor was ok for a while then protested about any clothes shop I tried to venture into, so I gave up and we did our best to enjoy the mall while waiting for the movie to finish!

We visited Blaise castle park after the movie as its on the way home. Ivor did brilliantly with his climbing skills. Ellis had a bad leg but managed to climb on everything! They still spent most time on the swings, their favourite thing. Both Errol and I feeling tired today. I was glad to get home, felt cold and tired in the park. Anyway, at least the kids had a good run around. Home for late lunch. Errol cooked Sunday dinner while I researched instant pot recipes, Ellis was on the kindle and Ivor was asleep.

Lots of crying from Ivor when he woke up, he hates waking up from naps these days! Lovel Sunday dinner. Errol ate too much as usual!

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