Wednesday, 12 August 2015

Day 27 - summer hols (thank goodness for water balloons!)

Today was a good day! The plan was to take the boys to oldbury court park but we ended up having a happy day at home instead. Ellis watched a Tom and Jerry pirate movie in the morning and then decided he wanted to be a pirate, so they both dressed up and I filmed them both in their very own pirate movie, with four parts including the swing and the lounge as locations.

They loved it, well, Ivor was a bit bemused but loved watching it all back on the iPad.

Then they instigated their own water balloon play which involved a lot of soaking each other. All in good fun though, Ellis was very kind, a great time for the boys to bond playing together (and soaking each other!).

Then we had a picnic lunch in the back garden as I had already prepared a packed lunch to take to the park. After lunch Ellis watched two Sarah Jane adventures while Ivor and I looked at books. Then upstairs together to play while I put clothes away, then I got out the mega blocks to see if Ivor would be able to play with them, with Ellis. Ellis enjoyed it and Ivor did, but he's still a bit young to want to build stuff. So back it went in the loft. It was as good upstairs play though.

Afternoon movie, Ellis watched home alone 2. They both had sweets and hung out, then me and Ivor played diggers in the garden while Ellis carried on watching. After the movie, the boys did more water play in the garden and then we had risotto rice and chicken. Ellis didn't really like the rice unfortunately. We played hoopla together as a team, then found some caterpillars, then it was bedtime.

So all in all a good day. I put to bed my wish to meet up with people and instead just surrendered to being at home. I decided to look at it from the point of view of it being a day for Ellis and Ivor to spend time bonding with each other as brothers. The movie helped, and Ellis getting Ivor South of the tree helped too. He'd got his head stuck between some branches!

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