Saturday, 8 August 2015

Day 22 - Summer Hols (playdate with Ivor)

We met Cara and Ivor and Nora down the park so Ellis could have a play with his friend from school. It was already hot in the morning, lovely weather. Ivor enjoyed a kick around with the football, swinging around on the big boy swing down the other end of the park. We were there for two hours, left at midday! So a morning of activity followed by an afternoon of a whole lot of not much. I felt a bit washed out and ended up flaking out on the sofa as Errol came home at lunch time. Ellis watched Home Alone on the telly as he was tired as well from yesterday's drive as well as a morning in the sun. Ivor lay down with me for a bit, ate for a bit, generally milled around. He was tired too. We tried going to the library but it was closed. I eventually went at 4pm and got some new books for Ellis and Ivor, then to Aldi to get some salad. I have to shop when I can as Ellis hates going to the supermarket!

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