Tuesday, 4 August 2015

Day 19 - summer hols (Visits from Sarah, Alys, Sally)

Ellis never wants to go out, so today I honoured that request and we stayed in all day. I find it difficult to stay in, not so much when it's hot and we are out in the garden, but on days when it's a bit more overcast and we are all rattling around inside. Ellis seems to love it though! I said we could stay in as long as we didn't watch telly, so we started the day off like that. Kids played... There's a constant tussle over toys, when Ellis picks up anything Ivor immediately wants it, cue arguments, crying etc etc. it's hard work having them at home together all day. I'm balancing the apple cart all day long! I can't think of one particular thing they did consistently all day long. I keep the mantra in my head going, let them be bored, let them be bored, in the hope that they will make their own play..sometimes it works but sometimes it doesn't, as Ivor ends up annoying Ellis or Ellis ends up annoying Ivor. Nice play in the front garden in the afternoon. Bubbles, kicking the ball, Ivor riding around on his little red car. TV ended up going on at 4 o'clock for a bit but then off again.

Sarah came to visit with Alys late morning, and Sally came to visit in the afternoon. It was nice to have visitors, helped break up the day.

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