Wednesday, 29 July 2015

Day 8 - surviving Summer hols (play date)

Max and Rufus and Rachel came over at 11am for a play. They had a great time, Rachel brought two pizzas which went down very well! After two episodes of Odd Squad, food and muffins, the boys crashed and zonked out in the den. Ellis wanted to carry on playing but Max and Rufus were tired. When they left after lunch, Ellis was really upset, he wanted them to stay for longer - he's used to them staying for a long play I think. I hope we manage to see them again over the Summer as he thinks they are his best friends. I just wish he had friends like I did when I was young - friends he saw all the time and built up a great friendship with. But I think that's sometimes comes down to the luck of the draw - who's in your street, if you have cousins nearby. I think perhaps I need to get on with organising the playing out sessions, maybe we could then find some friends who are really local, who he could see more regularly. He does like Joel who's a bit older. I'll have to send their mum a text and see if he's about for a play.

I think we watched a movie in the afternoon. I can't quite remember!

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