Wednesday, 29 July 2015

Day 9 - Summer Hols (Upfest Lollygate)

What did we do on Saturday - I have absolutely no idea!! Oh I remember now - Errol drove to Manchester to play a gig. What a >>>>>!!! So me and the kids at home alone, again, going to a local festival without Errol - again. Bleuaghgh. It took some persuading to get Ellis out of the house - always does when he's at home on the hols. I managed to persuade him by tempting him with the opportunity to draw on a huge doodle wall. We made our way to the Tobacco Factory only to find that there seemed to be no doodle wall for Upfest - well we couldn't find it to begin with. After much searching by a steward she finally confirmed that, yes, that wall over there is for drawing on. It was completely white, undrawn on, with not a kid in sight... and no pens! The biggest graffiti festival in Europe, one big white wall and nothing to draw on it with. Good thing I brought some sharpies with me. Ellis drew a tardis and Ivor scribbled everywhere in bright pink! So good so far.

Then we bought some healthy icelollies. Distaster! They cost £1.50 each. Ellis didn't like the first one, so I bought him another one. He didn't like the second one, so then he cried. So I bought him a brownie which he chose. He didn't like that either. Four quid down and one crying child saying "This is my worst day ever", meanwhile, Ivor has eaten his ice lolly and is now making his way through the rejected brownie. Looking grubbier by the second! Crying all down North St. I couldn't bear to buy him Mr. Freeze from McCalls! We finally came to an arrangement whereby I bought him some popping candy for 30p. Phew. That was it. That was Upfest. We got out of there and went home to hang out in our peaceful garden. Was very glad to get home.

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