Thursday, 23 July 2015

DAY 7 - Summer Hols (The Castle Park magpie...)

Today was a good day. Ravi, Vikram and Veejay came over from nine till twelve as a favour to Fran. It was great to have them all over. They played really well together. There was lots of playmobil play, reading Harry Potter, swinging on the swings, Ellis and Ravi fighting baddies, playing in the bedroom, watching just one episode of Odd Squad then out in the garden on the swings. 
Ivor enjoyed getting into a bit of everything, but then Ellis didn't want him playing in his bedroom, so he watched a good bit of Cbeebies which unfortunately he seems to love at the moment. He loves asking for Mr. Tumble and Peppa Pig! We made dalek and sontar biscuits which Veejay helped with, and they ate the whole lot! 

After the boys left, I took Ellis and Ivor to MacDonalds for a treat. They loved playing the floor game, and Ellis made friends with a little girl. They waved goodbye to each other through the window, and Ivor too. Then we drove to Castle Park where the boys scootered to the play area, and played for ages. Ellis made a friend and played chase while I spent the whole time catching Ivor who liked jumping from heights. 

I spotted a tent on one of the nearby hills and got Ellis to take some food over. Unfortnately he tripped over a tent peg and the man came out to see what was going on. He invited us all over to show us his little magpie which he feeds dog food. He's nursing it back to health it as it was injured. It looked quite happy sitting on his arm. Then we went to find some more people who might need food. Ellis left a can of food and some biscuits next to a sleeping man so he'd have a surprise when he woke up. Then we found one more man who Ellis gave the rest of our food to. I'm hoping giving food will have an influence on Ellis in some way.

We got home about four o'clock. Just enough time for a bit of Sarah Jane Adventures then spaghetti bolognese for tea. 

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