Wednesday, 22 July 2015

DAY 6 Summer hols (Portishead swim and Muscaty visit)

Today was a good day! As it was Wednesday we went treasure hunting in peoples' recycling boxes in the morning and came back with treasure to make things out of. Ellis started making straight away, but then we decided to get going swimming. Off to Portishead. 

The boys had a great time in the pools - Ivor running into the pool and splashing his little legs, Ellis going down the slides with Ivor trying it out too, a bit more hesitant, but then he wouldn't let me catch him at the bottom so went straight under, he seemed to like it though! I thought we'd be in there for ages, but then Ivor got hungry and kept signing for food, and wanting to eat the lady's crisps who was sitting by the side of the pool. So we decided to get going. We popped into the Muscatys, didn't think we'd be there for long, but they put on a lovely lunch and Ellis played really well with Aurelian. Lego followed by watching Aurelian play computer games on the computer - Ellis had a bit of a go as well. Ivor enjoyed his hot dog, and eating my lunch as well. He's a big fan of rice. Cheryl's daal was amazing! It was great to catch up with Jenan. Back home for movie and some sweets - we all watched Matilda for the first time. Ellis wanted to not watch it after about half of the film, but we stuck with it and I'm glad we did as I needed him to see that there was a happy ending, with the kids being empowered! Ivor was happy to roll around on the sofa with me while we watched too. Burgers, corn on the cob and mini waffles for dinner. 
Ellis then made a gun out of a bleach bottle. So the recycling adventure was definitely worth it! Then ten minutes of telly before bed. I'm just glad today didn't involve so much TV as it sometimes can on the weekends. If every day of the holiday is like this I'll be very happy!!

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