Wednesday, 4 July 2012

Bristol Independents Day

We spent the morning and afternoon on North Street supporting Bristol Independenents Day, and taking photos to enter the competition. Thankfully, Ellis enjoys smiling at the camera!

It's a great idea - basically, you keep your receipts or take photos of you shopping at independent store, then send it in and hope to win a prize. It really encouraged me to buy more on North Street, and the great thing is I've got some merguez sausages from Rare to try out. YUM!

I bought some fimo clay and an empty bezel resin ring from Vicky at Paper Village so got more supplies to get on with my projects. Am going to make some coloured Bristol terraced houses to go in my new clay dioramas.

1 comment:

  1. Hee hee Ellis really loves the camera doesn't he? Well done for getting out and supporting local businesses, I'm a bit too good at that so I'm skint and didn't do any shopping at all today! Looking forward to seeing your new house dioramas. x