Saturday, 23 June 2012

North Street treasure

Here's my latest vintage finds, I recently discovered the joy of vintage pyrex on Pinterest after researching pattern ideas so was really happy discover some at Rachel's second hand shop on North Street. I would so love to work there (except it probably wouldn 't be a good idea as I'd spend all my wages there!).

Lovely 1950s sugar dispensers

Austrian saucepans!

Snowflake pyrex serving dish


  1. I am keeping my eyes peeled for some snowflake pyrex but never seem to find any - very jealous of yours!
    Love those saucepans too.

  2. Very cool designs and my boys would love those sugar dispensars - think of the sugar they could pour over their weetabix - ouch, my teeth hurt at the thought!

  3. Great finds, I love the snowflake dish and fab saucepans. x

  4. Thanks for your comments, am trying not to go in that shop now in case I spend more money!

  5. That lovely floral design! I until recently had a butter dish with a glass lid in that design. I accidently knocked it off the side and it smashed. 'sob'