Friday, 22 June 2012

Another ceramic house

Here at last is a little ceramic house vase that I made at Pot Stop in Bristol. It isn't finished yet as I want to bake some flowers on it using ceramic paper, but I like it just plain too. It's a take on the Bristol terraced houses that I love - I made a similar one but bigger when I did a course there years ago. I'm currently working on a three terraced houses in a row vase. I though this vase could also be used for growing cress. :-)


  1. It's lovely Cath! I see a lot of scope for variations & developments of this theme, I reckon you could have a lot of fun with these! x

    1. Thanks, there's so much I could do but can't seem to stay still!

  2. That's really sweet - I like it in plain old white I have to say. Would look very lovely and pure with just the cress peeping over the top.

  3. Thanks Sue I know what you mean, I might just leave it as it is.:-)