Saturday, 17 March 2012

Vintage Childrens' Books - The Winter Bear

 Another charity shop find published by Picture Lions.Tells the story of a little bear found in a tree. The illustrations are lovely watercolours and quite  appropriate for today's weather. I have the worst cold going!

Lots going on in craft world in my head even though it hasn't been showing a lot on my blog lately. I've signed up for pottery classes starting beginning of May. Also signed up for a resin evening. Have designed cupboards to appear in the alcoves after doing Pinterest research, and am now looking forward to creating a craft alcove storage space which I think will really help with more productive crafting.

I've decided to wallpaper the alcoves with fabric, so have been busy researching ideas for different fabrics which  might look nice, and how to go about sticking it on with liquid starch! I've also been researching illustration copyright as I'm interested in using vintage illustrations on ceramics, and have discovered that I can use images where the creator has been gone for more than 70 years. I've found the most amazing images in the New York Public Library records which I might use. I've been thinking of sourcing little vintage people and putting them on houses, or even vintage lightshades, bicycles etc. simple every day things. Here's a lovely image I found in the posters section (left:).

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