Tuesday, 21 July 2015

DAY 4 surviving Summer hols (Oxford, Nannie's Birthday)

Me, Errol, Ellis and Ivor went to Oxford for Nannie's 69th Birthday. We were both really looking forward to going. The weather was overcast but warm, so great for hanging out in the garden. Lovely food. The boys enjoyed themselves, though Ellis was very much beyond himself for the most part of the day. I think the journey tired him out, and also he hasn't had one full day at home yet, so he continues to be a bit tired. And when he's tired, his voice changes and he can't stop himself from annoying Ivor constantly! "Ellis don't do that", "Ellis stop that", "Ellis please..." etc etc. We thought we were supposed to be staying the night but as Grandad Howard was there, there wasn't room. It turned out to be for the best anyway, as I hadn't expected Ellis to be so tired out, so it was good to get them home and into their own beds for a good night's sleep. Well - Ellis didn't sleep till 9.30 and they still got up at 6.30am!

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