Wednesday, 2 April 2014

Boy's Easter Bonnet

I haven't blogged for a long long time, and I'm only posting this so I can add it to Pinterest to inspire other mums who are looking for Easter Bonnet ideas across the globe.

How to make!
- Bunch of carrots with leaves
- one child's straw hat
- brown crepe paper
- large piece of card
- green paper
- sellotape
-little chicks
- Pipe cleaners

1. Draw a circle round the hat onto the green paper.
2. Cut two circles a bit larger than the circle you drew (so you can make grass). Also cut a hole in the middle of each circle so you can put the green circle over your straw hat and under your straw hat.
3. Cut grass around the edge of your green circles and fold up.
4. Stick the two green circles to the hat with sellotape folded over so the sellotape is double-sided.
5. Cut your carrots quite short. Use little cross-head screws through the hat to hold the carrots in place! I know, desparate measures when glue just doesn't cut it.
6. Stick eyes on carrots using sticky dots. (alien carrots!!)
7. Wind the little chicks onto the pipe cleaners
8. Place pipe cleaners into the carrot leaves
9. Place card around main part of hat into a cone shape, cut around bottom so cone sits vertically. Stick it together with tape.
10. Cover your tree trunk with brown crepe paper and stick.
11. Stick your foliage down through the hole in the top of the trunk.
12. Ta da!!!

It's best to do the foliage and carrots on the morning you do the school run, because otherwise the carrots go soft and the foliage wilts! I made the hat way too tall and he could hardly wear it, so had to lop a bit off the top of the tree to make it more wearable.

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