Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Diorama project

This diorama idea has been in my head for a while, so it's been good to give it a go today. The houses are made from polymer clay with hand drawn windows and doors. The diorama isn't finished yet; I need to find some grass to put in the foreground which I'm hoping I can get some from a model shop in Bristol.

I found the empty clock face in a box at the Bristol Vintage fair. If this project works well, I was thinking it might be nice to make more, as I love little houses.


  1. Yay, well done for using your time off for creating! Love the little houses, did you just draw directly onto the clay? Looking forward to seeing it finished. x

  2. I drew the doors and windows and scanned them in, shrunk them in photoshop, printed them then cut them out and stuck them on with modge podge. Took a while to get the right sizes as they're tiny!!