Monday, 21 May 2012

Southville arts trail 2012

Soutihville Arts Trail was really inspiring this year, more so because I'm embracing craft much more these days, and hoping one day to set up a small business selling so I can provide for my family. So it's inspiring seeing others take that leap of faith. It's hard being a mum and not earning. I know I'm providing a stable upbringing for Ellis, but it's hard going from being a full time earner to being in a family where I'm not bringing money in.
Apart from craft business ideas, there is something else on the horizon fingers crossed.... thankfully my old boss at work got in touch recently so I am hoping to do some editorial work from home soon.

My favourite visit was the Stormy Teacup Cafe run by the Malago WI which I'm hoping to join - was lovely and friendly, and had the cutest angriest little gingerbread men!

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