Monday, 28 May 2012

Paper Village Resin Jewellery Workshop

Last week I went to a fantastic resin jewellery workshop at Paper Village on North Street (Bristol). Here's a picture of all of us learning from Vicky about different types of resin and what we can do with it. 

We tried out two different types of resin on the course - a really gorgeous clear resin for embedding objects and images, and a glazing resin which we used for glazing paper images. You can see me using a pipette to pick up resin from a jug and place it on card. 

Not surprisingly, the resin part of the workshop took a small amount of time i.e. mixing and pouring. Most of the time was much more focused on what images to use, preparing them to size, arranging them etc. It was really great to see how everyone brought their own ideas to the workshop and used resin in different ways e.g. collage, sweets, buttons, packs of cards etc. 

Vicky was a great tutor, and very patient with us all, especially when I poured the wrong liquids into our jug! Anyway, here are the photos showing the results of the workshop. I'm really pleased with them. I learned loads, and know what to do and what not to do next time!


  1. wow - I think I'm going to have to do this! Cath

  2. Hi, yes go for it. If you do I'd recommend doing lots of prep on the stuff you want to embed. I bought some pendant cabachon blanks off ebay, then measured the size of the square, then printed out images to fit into the pendants, then modgepodged the printouts before embedding them. Vicky at Paper Village now sells jewellery especially for resin so you could buy those before hand rather than get on ebay Cath x

  3. How lovely these are - I feel a make coming on.....could make a few for Christmas if I get a move on!!

  4. Thanks so much for your appreciation, it was quite a bit of work doing prep. I sourced the images online but now feel it's time for me to design my own images inspired by vintage pattern. So the next stop for me is Adobe Illustrator, which is a big leap of learning ahead. :-)