Sunday, 1 April 2012

Bristol Wood Recycling Project Shelves

When we finished building our extension, the last bit to do was to add a shelf above the old fireplace. We wanted to use reclaimed wood so we went to Bristol Wood Recycling Project and bought a lovely long piece of ash. I got it cut to length at the wood recycling place, then drew brackets which I got cut at Dean Lane Joinery. I also got them to drill decorative holes in the brackets.  

The second shelf came about when Errol found a piece of drift wood on Clevedon beach, probably an old chair seat. So I got another bracket cut to make another shelf. Bristol Wood Recycling Project is an amazing place, the people are really helpful. I'm going to go there again soon to see if they can help with wood for making raised beds. You can buy ready made ones there as well too.

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  1. Hi , ive just been given a load of chunky timber and would love to make shelves like these. How did you attach the brackets to the wall? From x