Sunday, 19 February 2012

Clifton Hill Antique Costume and Textiles news!!!

Oh wow, what a find today at the Bristol Ashton Gate Flea & Vintage market. I got talking to a lady called Jenny ( think it was Jenny from what I recall) who has taken over the Clifton Hill Antique Costume & Textiles shop in Clifton - which is reopening in the Summer of 2012. I am so excited!!! The one and only time I visited the shop was around ten years ago and I've never forgotten the experience. The shop seemed to be held together at the seams by reams and reams of vintage clothes, haberdashery and all sorts of treasure just waiting to be found. When I left Bristol to live in London, the shop got locked away in my memory, and it was only today that the whole experience came flooding back when talking to Jenny. I'm so excited that a young woman now has the opportunity to take Gillian's legacy and restore all this beautiful treasure into its full glory with the new shop opening. I can't wait! And I hope I may be able to help out with sorting stock if I get the opportunity!

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