Monday, 2 January 2012

Wedding favors

Hooray I have started a blog, my one New Year's resolution I hope I can keep! Got a whole host of craft things I've made which started in pregnancy and have continued as my little boy "grew" to inspire me. 

But, before I get started on things for him I'm going to go backwards a bit to my wedding day as I'd like to share some pics of the wedding favours I made.

These hand sewn favours (90 in all - one for each guest!) took a couple of months to make. I basically made them while relaxing watching TV in the evenings or whenever I had a spare moment. I had a basket full of different colour felts and threads, a big needle, a scissors and some stuffing. I made all sorts of shapes - clouds, penguins, smiley faces, hearts, fried eggs, little chicks etc. I wondered what to do about the fact that the guests would abviously be male and female, and how to ensure that male guests wouldn't get something too girly. In the end, I stuck a little sticker on the back saying something like - "Handmade favour for your sock drawer, feel free to swop me with someone elses if you fancy".

My friend Caroline took photos of the favors at the place we got married, Ashton Court Mansion in Bristol which is a lovely venue. Thanks Caroline!

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  1. These are lovely- what a great idea!